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Turix is a place where people enjoy building a smart and creative lifestyle whilst finding stunningly simple solutions for business challenges.

A group of passionate ones wishing to sparkle the innovation swiftly. Feeling what we love and loving what we do ignites positive vision of developing.

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Ideas Concretion

Turix has been created to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into viable products and bring them to market quickly.

Working with you at all the stages of your venture to find the best market opportunities, technology that suits your needs, build your solution and help you catalyze your business.

Quality Upgrade

Your business is ready to jump to the next level but your app is not the best partner?

Our team will analyze your app to find its weakness and architectural flaws. We will elaborate a set of guidelines and tools to help you move reliably to the next level.

Interactive BigData

Why collect and store terabytes of data if you can't analyze them in full context, or if you have to wait hours or days to get results?

High-speed processing of real time events and innovative control boards helps you to understand your business at a glance combining real time and historical data from multiple sources.


Ideas concretion

To write stories is our way of transmitting the essence of a product, stories to allure people, to make them wish to live those stories, to make them wish to live our product. The arenas for these stories are too dynamic. So to achieve a masterpiece out of these scenes we must stay alert to every single hint they tell us. Examining the world where the desired audience is and taking actions to getting into it are our main strategies.

Examining the world

At times when people are open to surprise we will focus our creation power to enticing products which draw people's attention instead of designing products for the needs of specific public. To do so we need to know who we want to surprise, how they see us and from thence settle ourselves on the stage changing, enhancing or maintaining the image as a whole. To create certainty and conquer spaces where competition does not exist is our purpose. To analyze using conventional as well as non conventional tools is our approach.

Taking actions

After our first steps, the actions:
  • implementation of the product.
  • getting it into the market
With the product alive we envision different successful end of our story - different ways to get it into new markets. Advice and continuous support is the foundation we provide to present new products to potential new customers. Additionally, the necessary paths and communication means to launch the product within our known environment will be presented. The process of building the business strategy data gathering will take place in order to be used in the future for decision making.

Documenting the analyzed

To complete the process we will provide an explanatory report. In addition to raising the perceived reality we will make a series of recommendations together with the posing of the subsequent goals to continue working alongside Turix.

Quality upgrade

"Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also" - Jung. The same applies to software. However; whilst this is acceptable for the early stages of the process no final user likes to run into errors when using applications. That is the reason why our stories have to provide the expected (wished) ending. We will face the quality of applications from two different angles. One, internal, directly linked to the applications generated, implies testing processes that guarantee the quality of the products to deliver. The other one is meant to provide quality as a service to customers that do not wish to get themselves involved in that task.

Assuring the expected end for our stories

The quality of our products is achieved through an appropriate balance among automation scripting and manual tests. The automated testing detects the basic defects for an app to meet an acceptable level of quality. The manual exploratory testing goes beyond allowing to detect issues that come from real world usage of the app. Besides, the human interface is better to be tested by humans.

Quality as a Service

What if you do not want to get your hands dirty testing an app or simply you do not want to spend time doing so ? A range of services is offered to you from the writing of the Test Plan and Test Cases to the documentation of results and the suggestions of our experts to produce a high quality app that will more than meet the expectations of your customers.

Interactive Big Data

Your company has been generating and collecting data since it was born. It keeps doing so every day, every week, every month... actually your business is producing valuable information while you are reading this. Guess what !!! You are not exploiting your main capital to make your company grow. o You are not getting the best from your main capital.

How is it possible that a bunch of bytes makes your business grow?

Accelerate your insights
Gain fresh new understanding into emerging trends and behaviors in real time. Event stream analytics allows you to identify opportunities in real time.
Your story at a glance
Compare historical and real time information. We can provide you with powerful tools for dynamic multi-dimensional analytics.
No limits
Store ALL your information with a very low cost. Stop wasting your hardware resources and use it on demand based on your daily needs.
Any place is a good place
Check your information from any device at any time.
Be free
All our solutions are built on top of opensource solutions. You will never be captive of expensive licenses.

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